Suggestions for Hosting & Travel Tips

Hosting the Danish Students

Welcome Dinner

We need a coordinator to get everyone involved: ordering the food or potluck, collecting money from families, decorating.

Families can meet and greet the entire group and then go home from there. Last time, the Danes arrived around 6 p.m. from Washington, DC.

Daily Activities

Traveling to school

Will you have to drive the student or does your student drive?


What kind of accommodation can you provide? Note: students must have their own beds, although air mattresses are acceptable.

If your family does not normally eat breakfast, can you provide breakfast?

Will you provide lunch money or a bagged lunch for your student?

Students are prepared pay for dinners outside the home and tickets; however, if you do something as a family, it is suggested that you pay for the meal or ticket. If students are out together as a student group, it is not necessary.

Expect a nice gift from your Danish student and plan to return the favor when you travel to Denmark.

Farewell Dinner

Need a parent or student to create a slide show of photos taken during the visit to show at the dinner (no more than 20 minutes!). For the farewell dinner, we will need a second parent in charge of catering and getting funds from host families or a potluck.

Students to do design for stickers? Swag?

Travel Tips for Denmark

Credit Cards

Your credit card must have a pin # and a silver “chip” on the front. Not all credit cards in the US have this. Check your cards and contact your financial institution if you don’t have one. They will issue a new card with a pin #


Recommend a carry-on size suitcase and a day pack. Make sure your wheels are in good working order. You should be able to lift your bag over your head without assistance as we will be entering and exiting trains and walking 15+ blocks on cobblestone streets. Pack minimally. You will be able to wash clothes at your host’s house. Dezio will do some packing videos.


Check with your provider. This summer, I used the $10 per day option for Verizon. It only activates for 24 hours if you use it.


You will probably need them to do school work. Use a padded back pack. Bring a converter suitable for a laptop. A smaller converter can be used for cell phones. Wifi will be available at hostel in Copenhagen, school, and host family houses.


Should be valid through January of 2019