Advisory Council

NBHS Advisory Council 2023-2024

School Principal (Ex-Officio Member)

Kevin Yontz

Parent Representatives

Gail Buckner
Dawn Chitwood

Student Representatives

Mylee Ponder
Noah Graham

Teacher Representatives

Jaime Stowe
Jenny Zimmerman

Seven Lay People Approved by the
Board of Education

Allison McDevitt
Michele Kopp
Donna Parsons
Cynthia Hoots
Diane Brewer
Glenn Stach
Allyson Sineath
Julie Gilliland

NBHS Advisory Council Meeting Dates 2023-2024



Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

5:30PM @ NBHS Media Center

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023

5:30PM @ Erwin HS Auditorium

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024

5:30PM @ NBHS Media Center

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024

8:30AM @ NBHS Media Center