French Club

Bonjour! French Club is about celebrating the French culture be it in France, the U.S., or other countries around the world!  We have great fun doing so!  We are open to experiencing other cultures as we occasionally have guest speakers who have traveled to other countries.  Any student is welcomed to experience French Club.  We attend numerous exciting events throughout the school year such as meeting our Foreign Exchange Students, dining at the Well-Bread Bakery Café and the Paris Bakery Tea Room, celebrating holidays such as Mardi Gras, and making crepes!  We do have two fundraisers to defray the costs of community projects that we sponsor and the French Club Banquet at the end of the school year.  Members pay $2.00 in dues for the entire school year which defrays the cost of our refreshments for our meetings.  We do not meet at a set time every month, but we do establish a semester calendar.  Sometimes surprises come up that just have to be scheduled in!  Meetings are generally held in room 513 unless otherwise indicated.