Mr. Rowe assisting students with a hands-on lab.

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) is filled with extraordinary educators and support staff. BCS recruits only the best to inspire, educate, and challenge students on a daily basis. In order to recognize them, we are launching the BCS Staff Spotlight Series. 

Our first Staff Spotlight is from North Buncombe High School (NBHS), where you will find Blackhawks soaring high in every aspect of their educational journey. The school is home to many fabulous teachers, including science teacher Michael Rowe. 

Mr. Rowe attended Emory University for his undergraduate, and went on for his graduate at the University of Georgia. Throughout college he worked as a summer camp counselor where he discovered his love of teaching. Mr. Rowe teaches a variety of subjects, including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, and AP Environmental Science. 

“I realized I enjoy teaching kids, and I also have a passion for science,” he said. “Through teaching, I get to combine those 2 aspects with a rewarding career that impacts student lives.”

As you step into Mr. Rowe’s class, you will discover engaged learners that do not want to leave. Many times students are involved in a variety of hands-on activities. Kids love to converse with Mr. Rowe about a variety of topics, as their learning never stops. 

“My teaching philosophy is best described as having engaged scientists,” said Mr. Rowe. “I believe that young scientists learn best through hands-on activities, including lab investigations to enhance their critical thinking.” 

Mr. Rowe has a passion for teaching high schoolers and being a part of the NBHS community. 

“I love teaching high school, as I can really delve deep into complex content with students as we make connections to real life scenarios,” he said. “NBHS is a great community of students, staff, and administrators who all truly care about the school.”

Students cannot stop talking about how wonderful a teacher Mr. Rowe is, and the way he brings science to life. 

“I've had Mr. Rowe for two classes, and they are unlike any I have been in before,” said sophomore Laurel Seddon. “It's heavily centered around lab-based learning and collaboration, but he makes sure his class is accessible to all styles of learning. Mr. Rowe encourages class discussions and is more than willing to discuss topic-related questions or experiences that students have. It is easy to see how much enthusiasm he has for teaching.”

Others say that Mr. Rowe has made their high school experience one that they will never forget. 

“Mr. Rowe's class has been a highlight during my time at North Buncombe High School,” said sophomore Elizabeth Stowe. “Mr. Rowe has shown me that science can be fun, and that it might be something for me to look into when I go to college.”

Mr. Rowe assisting students with a science lab.