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Did you know you are allowed 7 absences per class, each semester? What happens if you get 8 or more absences in a class?  Find out using the attendance FAQ from the Counseling Department!

When you have 8 or more absences in a class, you must them up in Attendance Study Lab. 

One hour of ASL = 1 class makeup

Attendance Study Lab FAQ

What is Attendance Study Lab (ASL)?
     make up session for attendance
     starts on 11/10/22
     Tuesday and Thursday
How do I sign up for ASL?
     sign up in the Counseling Office
     cost is $5.00
     must sign up by the day before the ASL you plan to attend
     1 hour of ASL is applied to 1 class absence

Attendance Notes & Waivers FAQ

What if my absences was from being sick?
     send all absence notes to

     excused absences still count towards your total absences
How do I get days waived?
     pick up an appliation in the Counseling Office
     Visit the Counseling website to learn how to quality for a waiver

Other Attendance FAQ

What happens if I do not make up my absences?
     You receive an FF for the class.
     You do not earn credit until you make up absences.
     You can make up absences in summer school.

Can I make up absences in NBHS tutoring sessions?
     Yes! It's free!
     Attend 1 hour of tutoring in English, Math, History,
          or Science with the assigned teacher.
     Earn 1 hour toward absences
     Can be applied to any class regardless of tutoring session