North Buncombe High students in Denmark outside a school.

A group of students and staff from North Buncombe High School (NBHS) traveled 4,288 miles around the world for a unique learning experience. 

In spring 2023, students and teachers from Denmark came to NBHS as part of a student exchange program. NBHS students welcomed their new friends with open arms and showed them all their school and surrounding area has to offer. This past fall NBHS students in the program made the journey to Denmark. 

“This was an incredible trip for students to immerse themselves in a different culture by living with a host family in Denmark,” said science teacher Mike Rowe. “Students attended school with their Danish friends, and even had a personal tour guide around the country.”

For many students this was their first trip internationally. NBHS has been doing the foreign exchange program since 2012, and Mr. Rowe said it’s been impactful for the school. 

“I love the multicultural impact this program has on our students,” he said. “They get the opportunity to travel outside the country, but they also get to share their home and culture with other students for 10 days. It’s a great way for kids to build confidence, gain a greater global awareness, and increase empathy towards other cultures.” 

“This trip was a fantastic experience for me,” said Junior, Gillian Brewer. “I loved every minute of it and greatly enjoyed everyone I got to meet. I was able to make lasting connections with students there in which I keep in contact with via social media.”

NBHS is excited to host a new group of Danish students in the spring of 2025, and in the fall of that same year NBHS students will travel to Denmark. 

Students in the country walking with sheep.