Listening and Learning

Dr. Jackson soared with the North Buncombe High Blackhawks for his 31st day-long visit!

According to Principal Kevin Yontz, North Buncombe High School, as it stands today, was opened in 1987 on the former site of Weaverville Speedway. The speedway was a NASCAR track for the Grand National and Winston Cup Series. The speedway started as a dirt track and was later paved before it was shut down in the 70s and designated for educational purposes.

North Buncombe serves just over 900 students with 60 staff members. “Our school centers on a student-first philosophy whose mission is to establish a strong foundation for life-long learning by nurturing, guiding, and challenging all students to become responsible, productive members in a 21st-century global society,” said Principal Yontz. “Our School community is a family that works together to meet all of the needs of our students. We rally around each other and help maximize teaching and Learning in the building.”

Principal Yontz goes on to say, “we offer a wide array of AP courses as well as advanced courses from AB Tech. We promote our students in extracurricular activities and support them in all avenues. We show great strength in developing our students in career and technical fields. Areas of particular note are agriculture/animal science, welding, health care, and a state-of-the-art foods and nutrition lab. We have a robust arts selection with an award-winning band and chorus, along with a thriving theater, orchestra, and visual arts program. We also have a competitive athletic program where our coaches strive to create leaders on and off the playing field. We are preparing our students to represent themselves, their community, and show off their talents in district, state, and national arenas.”