BlackHawks Athletics


North Buncombe High School Athletic Philosophy

"We believe that athletics affords opportunities, training, and experiences not ordinarily offered in the normal curriculum. Our experience has taught us that athletic participation increases academic performance, and decreases drop-out rates and disciplinary actions. We will strive to offer a well-rounded program  that recognizes that all athletic activities are equally important  to members  of each and every team. We will teach our student/athletes the learning opportunity that exists, in both winning and losing outcomes, and to teach them how to deal with the successes and disappointments that they will surely face in life. Participation in extracurricular activities, including athletics, is a privilege, not a right. Our administration expects all student/athletes to be good representatives of their school community, exhibiting good sportsmanship, conduct, and citizenship at all times. We are proud of NBHS history of achievement and excellence both on and off the fields. It is our goal to ensure that our student/athletes achieve personal growth through their involvement in athletics at NBHS, and make our community better through the roles they will take on as productive citizens." Facebook Thumbnail

For more information on sports in general, contact Chris Sherrill at 828-645-4221.

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