Whitlock, Mary - Social Studies

Welcome to Mrs. Whitlock's Classroom
Mary Pegg Whitlock
North Buncombe High School

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Hi... I am Mary Whitlock and I am enjoying my twenty-fifth year as an educator.  I worked my first two years in Asheville City Schools as a seventh grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.  In 1998, I moved to North Buncombe Middle School where I worked for seven years as a Social Studies and Science teacher.  I taught History at TC Roberson for ten years and then the opportunity to presented itself to come home to NBHS.  This semester I am enjoying teaching  American History II. 

Virtual Days:
*I will be using Canvas to deliver instruction.  Students have practiced uploading
         assignments in class and are familiar with what to do.

*I will be checking both my email and Remind to stay in contact with students.  

*I will post each assignment by 9am and it will be due the following day at 9am.

*I will observe office hours each day from 8am until 12noon should you need to
       contact me through BCS email or Remind.

Education and Licensures:
*  BA in History from UNC-Asheville
*  6-12 Social Studies
*  6-9 Science
*  AIG Endorsement 
Courses Taught:
*  American History II
*  Credit Recovery Creator and Teacher / Administrator for  American History I and American History II
Activities & Committees:
*  Balanced Literacy Team
*  Essential Standards Committee for US History
*  School Improvement Team
*  Social Studies Leadership Team
We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.
        George Bernard Shaw