La musique française

Stromae -- Carmen

Here's a video of Stromae's Carmen (with a similar tune to one of the movements from Georges Bizet's "Carmen"), which is a satirical look at social media popularity. "L'amour est comme l'oiseau de Twitter." (Love is like the bird of Twitter)

Stromae -- Carmen -- Jimmy Kimmel

Stromae has been doing a US tour and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, where he performed Carmen.

Stromae -- Carmen (Live) at a music awards show

Here is Stromae singing Carmen Live at a music awards show.

Stromae -- Papaoutai

Stromae is a very popular French artist. This song, Papaoutai, is a play on words that sounds like "Dad Where Are You." It's about a boy missing his absent father.

Pentatonix -- Papaoutai

Here's Pentatonix's cover of Stromae's Papaoutai from the point of view of a child with an absent father.

Stromae & Pentatonix -- Papaoutai -- Side by Side

Here's a side-by-side video of both Pentatonix & Stromae singing Papaoutai, about an absent father. Papaoutai is a play on words that, in French, sounds like "Dad, where are you?"

Zaz -- Paris Sera Toujours Paris

Here's the jazzy Zaz singing the fun Paris Sera Toujours Paris (Paris Will Always Be Paris)

Zaz -- Je Veux

Zaz is a cool, kind of jazzy singer. This song is Je Veux (I Want).

Coeur de Pirate -- Crier Tous Bas

Here's a pretty song by Coeur de Pirate called Crier Tous Bas, which means Yelling Softly.

Coeur de Pirate -- Comme Les Enfants

The Québecoise (French Canadian) singer, Coeur de Pirate (Heart of a Pirate) singing "Comme Des Enfants" (Like Children). It's a song about loving each other with the innocence of children.

Coeur de Pirate -- Place de la Republique

Here is Coeur (<3) de Pirate singing Place de la République

Ingrid St-Pierre -- Ficelles

Ingrid St-Pierre has a pretty voice. Here is the beginning of one of her playlists.

Keen'v avec Loralei B "La Vie du Bon Cot"

"La Vie du Bon Coté" (Life on the good coast/side) 

Black M -- Sur Ma Route

Here is Black M singing Sur Ma Route (on my way)

Corneille -- Le Jour Apres La Fin Du Monde

This singer is Corneille, singing Le Jour Apres La Fin Du Monde (The Day After The End Of The World). It's a song asking what will still be important to you, the day after the end of the world.

Corneille -- Les Sommets de Nos Vies

Corneille sings Les Sommets de Nos Vies (The Peaks/Summits/Heights of Our Lives). This should be in a Corneille playlist.

Corneille et TLF -- Le Meilleur de Monde

Corneille sings with rapper TLF "Le Meilleur de Monde" (The Best of the World)

Corneille -- Le Bar des Sentimentalistes

Corneille sings Le Bar des (of) Sentimentalistes

Louane -- Jour Un

Here is Louane singing Jour Un (Day One). 

Vanessa Paradis -- La Seine -- from A Monster In Paris

A Monster In Paris is a cartoon (on Netflix!) that is originally in French, but is also in English. Vanessa Paradis, who is a famous French singer, actress, and model (and has a couple of kids with Johnny Depp) voices the lead girl in Un Monstre à Paris (both the French and English versions). This song, La Seine, is after the river that runs through Paris.

Disney French playlist

This is the beginning of a French Disney playlist. Many of the popular Disney songs are sung in French. Enjoy!

Liberee, Delivree ("Let It Go" in French)

Here's Let It Go, en français! The subtitles show the English translation of the French lyrics. The top line is English, the middle line is French, and the bottom line is Italian. 

The French singer's name is Anaïs Delva

Let It Go in 25 languages

This is kind of cool. It shows 25 of the various Elsa's from around the world all singing Let It Go in their language.

Tal -- Le Sens de la Vie

Here's Tal singing Le Sens de la Vie (the feelings of life). This is part of a playlist.

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Tal -- Je Prends Le Large

Tal is a popular French singer. The song, "Je Prends Le Large" roughly translates as "I'm Living Large," kind of like a Carpe Diem or YOLO mentality! :)

I believe this is the first song of a whole Tal playlist.

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Melie -- Tapez Un

Here's Mélie singing Tapez Un

Kendji Girac -- Andalouse

Kenji Girac singing Andalouse... He is French, but with Spanish background. You can hear a lot of Spanish influence in his music. 

Kendji Girac -- Conmigo

This song is a mix of French & Spanish, or as I like to call it "Françañol." Kenji Girac sings Conmigo! He is French, with Spanish heritage. His music has a strong mixture of both.

Christophe Willem -- Après Toi

Here's Christophe Willem singing Après Toi (After You)

M. Pokora -- On Danse

Here's a fun song by M Pokora called On Danse (We Dance)

Zazie -- Je Ne Sais Pas

Here's Zazie singing Je Ne Sais Pas (I Don't Know)

Mika -- Elle Me Dit

Here's Mika singing Elle Me Dit (She Tells Me). This should be in a French playlist.

Andrea Lindsay -- Le Dernier des Cosmonautes

Andrea Lindsay sings in both French and English. This song is caled Le Dernier (last) des Cosmonautes

Ben Oncle Soul -- Petite Soeur

Ben Oncle Soul singing Petite Soeur (Little Sister). The song is about his annoying little sister who he loves despite what a pain she is!

Indila -- Derniere Danse

Dernière Danse (Last Dance) by Indila

Cheraze -- Promets pas la Lune

Here's Cheraze singing Promets Pas La Lune (Don't Promise the Moon). It's part of a (mostly) French playlist.

Christophe Maé -- Tombé Sous Le Charme

Christophe Maé singing Tombé Sous Le Charme (Fallen Under the Charm)

Shy'm -- Silhouettes

Here is Shy'm singing Silhouettes

Jenifer -- Sur le Fil

Jenifer singing "Sur Le Fil" (On The String)

Megan -- Sous Ma Peau

Here's Megan singing Sous Ma Peau (Under My Skin)

Tenny -- Le Temps

Here's the song (la chanson) Le Temps (The Weather), by Tenny

Frero Delavega -- Le Chant Des Sirenes

Fréro Delavega sings Le Chant Des Sirènes (The Singing of the Mermaids)

Boulevard des Aires -- Cielo Ciego

This song is a mix of French and Spanish. The band comes from the south of France near the border with Spain, where there is a mix of the two languages. 

Maître Gims -- Bella

Here's a song by Maître Gims called Bella

Khaled -- C'est La Vie

Here's Khaled singing C'est La Vie (That's Life)

Garou & Charlotte Cardin -- Du Vent, Des Mots

Garou & Carlotte Cardin, both well-known French singers, sing a duet "Du Vent, Des Mots" (Wind, Words)