Shook, Zachary - Health/PE(Interim Head Football Coach)

Hello My Name Is Zach Shook


I teach freshman health and physical education, along with some of our weight lifting classes here at North Buncombe High School. I also coach football and basketball.

During this fall I will be teaching freshmen health and PE courses virtually through the online platform, Google Classroom. I ask that students that have me as their teacher make sure they get enrolled in my class, and also make sure they are present in class each and everyday. This is a big adjustment from what you experienced in the spring semester. The biggest difference being you must be present in our virtual classes on Zoom each day. I will have assignments posted each week on Google Classroom and will have a task for you to complete each day.

Virtual School Days

Office Hrs: 9 am-3 pm Mon-Fri

Learning Platform: Google Classroom

Teacher Contact Info: