BIOLOGY (Honors)

Rvu 8,9,10 Osmosis, Organics, Mitosis TEST
1) Watch NOVA's "Judgement Day - Intelligent Design on Trial" This 2 hour video can be viewed online in 12 parts.  There will be a 1-2 page writing assignment that goes along with the Video after watching. If your having trouble viewing....see me! 
2) Read a Science Novel-If you like to read I can recommend other Bio novels that you might enjoy.  Remember you still have the required reading "Demon in the Freezer". You will need to keep a brief journal after each chapter you read.  See me
Tales of A Shamans Apprentice
Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the world
Cry of the Kalahari
The reluctant Mr. Darwin
Song of the Dodo (this thing is big)
And the Waters Turned to Blood
Reason for Hope
3) Design an ecology experiment to test a specific variable near your house.  This would have to be monitored and surveyed over several weeks.  Example....What is the population distribution of types of salamanders found in our stream... You could work with another student, need to document all work (data collection, pictures, etc).  See me for details!  Amount of extra credit would be dependent upon amount of work/time input.
4) Make a video (not powerpoint) of yourself and partner (optional) discussing a specific chapter/unit. Example the Nitrogen and carbon cycles.  It needs to be eductional and entertaining and professional.  All 3 factors will determine the amount of extra credit received. 
5) Bring in and arrange a guest speaker to speak with our class.  They must be someone in the field of Biology which would be willing to discuss a specific topic to the class.  You must have my approval and interview sheet completed b/f they come.