Ms. Robinson's Class

Hello students and families! 

I am Ms. Robinson. In this class I organize all important announcements through Google Classroom. In the classroom, there is a link for Remind as well. All assignments for my class are in Khan Academy. Each assignment is typically 4 problems and the students can retake assignments as many times as they wish. The purpose is mastery, not getting everything right on the first try. I typically update grades in Powerschool one to two times per week. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email me. I am more than happy to support you and your student in any way to ensure the success of the kids. 

My e-mail address: 

Virtual School Days Plan:
My official office hours are from 2-6 each afternoon. The students asked for later office hours. 
All assignments are on Khan Academy. This is the same procedure we follow in a classroom setting. 
All information will come out through our Google Classroom page and Remind. 
I will update grades every other day. 
I am available to answer questions all day every day. Please feel free to e-mail, call, text or post in Google Classroom or Remind any questions you may have. 
Upon student request, we will use Google Meet to conduct live class web sessions.