Course Overview/Class Syllabus

Freshman Health and Physical Education
This course introduces the fundamental concepts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Students will be able to use the information they learn to make intelligent decisions with regard to their health and well-being. During Physical Education students will learn life skills such as how to get along with others, utilize good sportsmanship, and work together in a team environment.  We will focus on improving students overall health and fitness by incorporating a variety of games, workouts, and fitness concepts.
Health Course Objectives:
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Personal and Consumer Health
  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Sex Education


Each student's 9 week Health grade and 9 week Physical Education grade will be averaged for a final grade.  Freshman Health and Physical Education is required for graduation.

9 Week Health Grade
25% Dressing Out
30% Active Participation (Class discussion, PE participation, Health labs)
20% Class work/Edmodo assignments, group work
25% Tests/Quizzes via Edmodo
9 Week Physical Education Grade
37.5% Active Participation (Including stretching, running, games/activities, PE labs)
37.5% Dressing out (Students are required to dress into PE UNIFORM/ ATHLETIC SHOES)
25% Physical Fitness Proficiency/portfolios/PE tests
*** A physical education fee is required for all physical education classes.  Students must purchase a school uniform and lock for $21.00 dollars.  Checks can be made payable to NBHS.  Students must purchase this uniform within one week of school starting.  All articles of the uniform must be clearly marked with students name.  Please encourage your child to make a consistent effort to take home PE attire to be washed and please encourage them to dress out on a daily basis.  If your child misplaces his/her uniform, extra attire is available to purchase at $10.00 per item.  To prevent theft, PLEASE make sure your child purchases a lock, does not share lockers and does not bring valuable items to school!  
***Dressing out is a part of learning personal responsibility.  In the case a student forgets her uniform, she will be allowed one loaner per nine weeks.  As long as she dresses out, points will not be deducted.  The 4th time a student is not dressed out, parents will receive a phone call.  The 5th time results in a discipline referral.

 Consequences of inappropriate student behavior:

  • 1st time teacher warning.
  • 2ND time points deducted from class participation grade.
  • 3RD time parents contacted.
  • 4TH time ASD and parent phone call
  • 5th time Referral

 Required Materials

  • 3 Ring Binderwriting utensil, tennis shoes, PE uniform