Proficient Art (Honors)

Welcome back!

This course is designed to allow for more independence than Art I or Art II.  You’ll have the opportunity to focus more intently on the mediums and concepts that interest you, while continuing to grow technically.  We will be looking at post-modern and contemporary art, and your place as an artist.  You will explore the conceptual side of art, and will be doing analytical writing in this course.  There will still be some smaller daily assignments, but the main focus will be on the larger projects and writing assignments you undertake and on our critiques.  As this is an honors credit, I will be expecting higher effort, understanding, and quality from your work.

LMS:  We will primarily be using Google Classroom and meeting with each other on Zoom.  I will be emailing a join code to you before the first day of class.  

Materials Needed:  I will be providing some of your course materials during onboarding.  The rest you’ll need to acquire on your own.  The supply list is posted on our virtual classroom.

Attendance Policy:  

     Per the BCS attendance policy there are two things you must do to be counted present.  1 - you need to be present and visible during our scheduled zoom meetings and 2 - you must complete your daily attendance assignment by 3:00pm.  If you have an appointment or other conflict that might cause you to miss our zoom, but are still able to complete your work for the day, this MUST be communicated prior to the day you expect to miss, or you will be counted absent.  Failure to do any of the above will result in an absence.

Grading Categories:

Projects - 30%

Critical Writing - 25% (there are not many of these, so each one will weigh in heavily)

Sketchbook assignments - 25%

Daily work - 20%

Late assignments will be docked 10pts per day.

Extra credit opportunities will occur throughout the grading period, and I may consider working with you on an individual basis if you request to work on a larger extra credit assignment.  The amount of credit received will be up to my discretion and reflective of the quantity and quality of work done.  I may deny you the opportunity to complete a larger extra credit assignment if I feel that you are taking advantage of this option.