Olson, Marianne - Science

Marianne Olson
Room 427

Fall 2018 Courses
1st period: Chemistry
2nd period: Honor Biology
4th period: Honors Chemistry

Course Information
Students can find course information on Google Classroom. There are also helpful videos, links, and documents on our class website: https://sites.google.com/bcsemail.org/nbhsolsonscience/home

Biology and Chemistry are challenging subjects. Students will need a quiet place to study at home. Working problems from class and reviewing vocabulary with Quizlet are two ways to study.

About Me:
Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, 2009
Rhodes College in Memphis, TN

I grew up in Nashville, TN, and have since lived in Memphis, Boston, and now Asheville. I've traveled to 12 countries and 43 states. I love cooking and hanging out with my husband and daughter.
Ms. Olson