Cheating Policy

Cheating Policy for Ms. Newman’s Classes 2014-2015

Definition:  Cheating (giving or gaining an unfair advantage on any assignment) is a breach of trust which compromises the integrity of student work and the educational environment.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  1.         The use of written information on hand, arm, notebook, or cheat sheet.
  2.        Exchange of information verbally or through an electronic device during a test or quiz. 
  3.        Copying work from or providing work to another student.
  4.        Plagiarism (copying sources without giving credit to the author) on a term paper, essay, presentation, or long term writing assignment.


Low stakes assignments:  A zero for the assignment and parents will be contacted for cheating.   “Low stakes” assignments include:

  •          Homework
  •          Group/Partner work
  •          Classwork
  •          Quizzes

High Stakes assignments:  A zero for the assignment, parent contact, referral, and possible notification of honor societies, coaches, and club sponsors for high Stakes cheating assignments in Ms. Newman’s class include:

  •          Tests
  •          Independent Projects/research



Please sign below to acknowledge that you understand the above cheating policy and consequences:

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