How You Can Help Your Student

Ways You Can Help Your Students:

*  Set aside at least 30 minutes a night for reading (15 minutes if they have homework).  It doesn't matter what your child reads; it only matters that they are reading.  (No earbuds, cell phones, or television)

* If your student has no homework, still require at least 30 minutes of reading or writing each night.  They can also work on a piece of creative writing for fun.

* At least once a week, or on the weekend, have your child read aloud to you.  This will enable you to correct mistakes when you hear them and to talk about the text.  Better yet, Use two copies of the book and read a book out loud together.  Set a goal.

* Talk to your child about what he/she is reading in class (or at home).  Ask for details.

*  Have your child use to find articles to read.  All of my students have an account already.

Check PowerSchool weekly, and discuss your child's grades with them.  Work on strategies to improve poor grades.