PreCalculus Honors

PreCalculus Honors                                                                                         Mrs. Kuykendall



  • Students are required to bring the following to class each day:  AP Stats textbook, Stats notes, math notebook/binder, pencils/erasable pens, notebook paper, and a GRAPHING calculator (sticky notes, colored pencils, glue stick, and highlighters are also recommended!)
  • Students must have a 3-ring binder for their math assignments; papers should be labeled, dated, and kept in chronological order, beginning with this information sheet
  • Students in Honors math classes at NBHS are expected to study nightly, complete homework assignments when assigned, & get extra help as needed before/after school!
  • Progress reports/midterms which should be shared with parents/guardians
  • All make-up work is the student’s responsibility; following an absence, the student must check the class calendar on the front right bulletin board, the student should check with a classmate for any missed notes, and the student should see the teacher before or after class about make-up worksheets, activities, and assessments they need to make up
  • Assignments, activities, and assessments should be done in pencil or erasable pen [so mistakes are easily detected and corrected!]
  • Cell phones will need to be kept in the locker or in your book bag.  You do not need your cellphone during math class unless it is a teacher directed activity.



  • Each 9-weeks average will be:  50% assessments (tests), 30% quizzes, and 20% daily grades
  • A Final Exam will count as 25% of the final class average
  • Extra credit will not be offered at any time during the semester
  • Students will be given many opportunities to come during each unit for extra help/tutoring if necessary for understanding the material to be better prepared for each test [retesting will not be an option]


CLASS POLICIES & RULES:                                                                                                    Tardies:

B e on time                                                                                                                       1, 2, & 3 are FREE

Leave cell phones/music devices turned off and placed in the ‘phone home’          4-6 are am/pm Detention.

All North Buncombe school rules must be followed                                                       [within 3 days]

Class participation is required                                                                                     7 & up ADM. Refer.

Keep conversations appropriate for the classroom

Have the required materials with you each day in class

Ask for help when you do not understand

Water is allowed--all other food/drink should not be out during class

Keep a positive attitude

Students must respect my right to teach and their classmates’ right to learn

  • Consequences for minor classroom infractions are as follows: verbal warning, student conference, parent contact, and finally referral to administration.
  • Consequences for more serious offenses are in the student handbook.


Mrs. Kuykendall’s contact info: