Johnson, Hannah - English

Hannah Johnson
Contact Info:
Phone: 828.645.4221
Room: 510

 Schedule FALL 2019
1st Period- English I 
2nd Period- English I Honors
3rd Period- English I
4th Period- Planning

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Important information and updates can be found on our class website! 

Student Coursework
Students can access their coursework by looking in their English Binder or by logging on to Google Classroom.

Materials Needed: 
1. Charged laptop daily
2. 1" binder with at least 6 dividers for English class only
3. Writing utensils (pencils and/or blue or black ink pens)
4. *Optional- Highlighters, markers, and colored pencils

Classroom Rules and Expectations: 
1. Be on time and prepared for class each and every day *See handbook for tardy policy.Classroom Rule: Students who are tardy for class lose their bathroom privilege for the day unless they have a doctor’s note, medical condition, or medical emergency. However, if a student asks if he/she may go to the bathroom BEFORE the bell rings, they will not be counted tardy if they are in the bathroom when the bell rings.  2. Be respectful and silent while others are talking, reading, or presenting. 3. Refrain from disruptive and aggressive behaviors at all times. 4. Cell phones should NOT be visible unless instructed by the teacher. 5. Laptops should be present and charged for class daily.

Grading scale: A(90-100) B(80-89 ) C(70-79 ) D(60-69 ) F(59-below)

Late Work Policy: If a student turns in something a day late and was present the day it was due, they may receive half credit. A zero will be given if it is turned in any later. 

Make-up work: The student is required to ask for make-up work and to complete during the allotted time (3 days).

Support Your Child's Learning!
I do not give a lot of homework in my English I class, but the best way for you to support your child's learning is by encouraging them to read in their SSR book for 20 minutes each night and providing them with a quiet place to do so. The best way to stay up to date on important dates is by signing up for REMIND! (Links for REMIND are on my class website!)

In English III Honors, the best way for you to support your child's learning is by signing up for REMIND! (Links for REMIND are on my class website!) 
Please feel free to donate any type of supplies to my classroom! We can always use the following items:
Notebook Paper 
Index Cards
Sticky Notes
Markers or Colored Pencils
Colored Copy Paper
Craft Supplies- popsicle sticks, glue, straws, etc.
Kleenex Facial Tissues 
 Mrs. Johnson
About Me
My husband and I recently moved to North Carolina from northeastern Mississippi. It's always been a dream of mine to move to North Carolina, so I was very excited when that dream finally came true! Teaching is my passion, but I also enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and traveling. My favorite genres of literature are historical fiction and classic literature. 

I began my teaching career at Alcorn Central High School teaching English I and English III. Shortly after moving to North Carolina in 2016, I started working at North Buncombe High School teaching English I and English III Honors. GO BLACKHAWKS!! I'm thrilled to be working at NBHS, and I can't wait to begin the upcoming school year!   

Bachelor's of Science in Secondary English Education, 2014
Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS