Spanish I Syllabus

Beginning Spanish I  salchip

Course overview:

This course is a beginning level in a series of courses designed to develop fluency. The new essential standards are based on language proficiency. What does that mean in Spanish class? There are four Essential Standards that guide this course.

  1. Use the language to engage in interpersonal communication. You are able to talk with someone else in Spanish about everyday topics.
  2. Use words and concepts presented in the language. You are able to listen to someone else speak Spanish and understand what they are saying.
  3. Use the language to present information to an audience. You are able to give a presentation with appropriate pronunciation using Spanish.
  4. Compare your own culture with the target culture. You are able to compare products and practices from Spanish-speaking cultures to products and practices of your own culture.

Grading/Evaluation and Assessment:

Students must demonstrate individual proficiency. This can only be proven by individual formative and summative assessments.

Classwork is required every day. Classwork consists of participation in ALL activities done in class, as well as, taking notes

Homework is also required every day. Homework consists of studying and practicing the language that was taught in class that day. It also consists of reviewing any language material from previous days of instruction. Oral, written and digital homework will be graded.

Tests and quizzes are given for each unit.  Tests are always announced at least four days ahead and dates are written on the board as a reminder. Quizzes are usually announced at least three days ahead; however, there may an occasional pop quiz so be prepared every day.

Projects will also be assigned each 9-weeks. These may be individual or group projects. Projects can be equal to either a test grade or quiz grade.

A final exam will be administered at the end of the course. It will count as 25% of your final course grade.

Each 9-week grade is determined by the following scale:  Tests: 40%        Quizzes: 35%       Daily grade: 25% (classwork, homework and participation)

Required Materials 

  • Notebook (spiral or binder)
  • Folder (if not using a binder)
  • Notebook paper
  • Pencils & pens (at least one of each at all times)
  • Colored pencils (at least a pack of 8)

**Because EACH student will receive his/her own laptop this year, ear buds or headphones will be necessary for some assignments.


Classroom Rules and Expectations:

1.Be on time! Be sure to read the STUDENT HANDBOOK for more information on tardies. See tardy policy below.

2.Bring ALL required materials to class every day.

3.Show respect to EVERYONE in the class (teacher, classmates, visitors). Also respect the classroom: place trash in trashcans/recycling bins, feet on floor, no writing or drawing in books, on desks, walls or other furniture, etc.

*Harassment, belittling, bullying, making fun of others will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.
*Foul language will not be used in my classroom.

4.Only whisper while announcements are made via the intercom or the television. It is very important that we hear these announcements!

5.Cell phones will be silenced and placed in your bookbag. Cellphone use is NOT allowed during the entire class period. In addition, no ipods/mp3 players will be used in the classroom.

*Should this rule be broken, cell phones/devices will be placed in the appointed container behind the teacher’s desk at the beginning of every class period (before the bell rings) and can be retrieved at the end of the class period.

7.Cheating is punishable with a zero, a phone call to your parents and/or an administrative referral.

* Should a student be caught cheating on a high stakes assignment (test, quiz, writing assignment, project), Honor Societies, Coaches, and Club Sponsors will be notified, as well.

8.Talking during instruction will NOT be tolerated.



*15 minute detention

*Lunch detention and parent contact

*Administrative referral


*Verbal and/or written praise

*Extra bonus points



Tardy Policy:

3 = 15 min detention

4 = lunch detention

5 =lunch detention + parent contact

6 = administrative referral + parent contact


There is one class set of Spanish I and Spanish II textbooks per teacher. All of the books are new this year, and it is very important that they stay in excellent condition. These textbooks will be assigned to multiple students each semester; therefore, each student will be responsible for any damages done to the assigned text. These books will not be allowed to leave the classroom. They will be neatly shelved at the end of every class period. Please take care of them.

Online help: go to to access the student online text and tutoring resources