Spanish III H Syllabus

Course Description: Advanced Spanish III H pepper

This course provides students with additional opportunities to expand their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as they create with the language and as they access short literary texts, authentic materials, and media on generally familiar topics. Students satisfy limited communication and social interaction demands as well as initiate and maintain face-to-face communication. They identify main idea(s) and significant details in discussions, presentations, and written texts within a cultural context, read and interpret authentic materials, narrate and describe in sentences, groups of related sentences, and short cohesive passages in present, past, future and conditional time and compose messages, announcements, personal notes, and advertisements. They continue to refine their knowledge and understanding of the target language and culture(s) and their own by examining the interrelationship of other cultures to their own, by demonstrating behaviors appropriate in target cultures, and by applying their knowledge and skills inside and outside of the classroom setting.

There is a great deal of reading and translating in this course. Written assignments are also challenging and are a part of every chapter/unit. For these reasons, a good Spanish/English Dictionary is essential for success in this course. All assignments are expected to be completed on time.

The objectives for High School Level III are written at the honors level; therefore this course is assigned to category H (1 point).

Grading/Evaluation and Assessment:

Classwork is also required every day. Classwork consists of participation in ALL activities done in class, as well as, taking notes.

Quizzes may or may not be announced. We won't always have a quiz every day, but be prepared every day!

Tests will always be announced. Major tests will be given at the end of each chapter in the text and/or at the end of an instructional unit. 

will also be assigned during each 9-weeks. They may consist of posters, murals, crafts, reports, catalogs, brochures, stories, written and/or oral dialogues, audio and/or video recordings, plays, and PowerPoint presentations. Some may be offered as extra-credit, as well. All projects are designed to expand your knowledge and assess your proficiency of the Spanish language or of the Hispanic culture.

A Final Exam will be administered at the end of the course. The Final Exam will consist of multiple choice, matching and true-false questions. The final exam will count as 25% of your overall average for the course.

Required Materials

  • Notebook (spiral or a binder)
  • Folder (if not using a binder)
  • Notebook paper
  • Pencils & pens (at least one of each at all times)
  • Colored pencils (at least a pack of 8)
*Spanish/English Dictionary (requested)

**Because EACH student will receive his/her own laptop this year, ear buds or headphones will be necessary for some assignments.

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

1. Be on time! Be sure to read the STUDENT HANDBOOK for more information on tardies. Remember 3 tardies equals 1 absence! See tardy policy below.

2. Bring ALL required materials to class every day.

3. Show respect to EVERYONE in the class (teacher, classmates,visitors). Also respect the classroom: place trash in trashcans/recycling bins,feet on floor, no drawing on desks, walls or other furniture, etc.

*Harassment, belittling, bullying, making fun of others will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.
*Foul language will not be used in my classroom.

4. Only whisper while announcements are made via the intercom or the television. It is very important that we hear these announcements!

5. Cell phones will be silenced and placed in your bookbag. Cellphone use is NOT allowed during the entire class period. In addition, no ipods/mp3 players will be used in the classroom. (see handbook)

7. Cheating is punishable with a zero, a phone call to your parents and/or an administrative referral. (see handbook)

*Should a student be caught cheating on a high stakes assignment (test, quiz, project), Honor Societies, Coaches and Club Sponsors will be notified as well.

8. Talking during instruction will NOT be tolerated.



*15 minute detention

*30 minute detention

*30 minute detention and parent contact

*Administrative referral


*Verbal and/or written praise


*Extra bonus points


*Use of music device/phone privilege

*Movie day

Tardy Policy:

4th= 15 min detention

5th= 30 min detention & a parent contact

6th= 2nd absence & a parent contact

7th+ = referral