Extra Credit Opportunities: Spanish I

Extra-Credit cat2

Spanish I:

Report on a famous Hispanic person:
PowerPoint or written/typed report about a Famous Hispanic
(cannot be an actor, musician or athlete)
*Written in English
*Minimum of 5 pictures

1. Person's name and Student

  • name

2. Person's early life:

  • when born
  • where born
  • parent's names and occupations
  • brothers and sisters, if any

3. Person's childhood and/or early years:

  • education
  • jobs
  • major events

4. Personal life of person chosen:

  • love life
  • marriage
  • children

5. Answer questions:

  • What makes him/her famous?
  • What obstacles, if any, did they face?
  • Why is this personal significant?
  • Is the world a better place because of their contributions?

*Final Slide)Works cited
Photo slides may be placed in between information slides if you wish.

Report on a Hispanic Holiday:

  • *Written report, in English or PowerPoint Presentation
    • may be handwritten or typed
  • *Include, in detail:
    • name of holiday
    • where celebrated
    • why celebrated
    • how celebrated
    • background history or information, if necessary
    • facts pertaining to the holiday
    • at least four photos(may be color or black & white)
    • include your sources

An Original Video Create an educational video that pertains to any vocabulary or grammar theme that we have learned in level I. At least half of the video needs to be in Spanish. Videos need to be at least 1.5 - 2 minutes in length; you may include bloopers, but they should last no longer than 15 seconds and have no inappropriate material in them. Bloopers do not count toward the length of the video. You may copy the video to a DVD/flash drive, put it on YouTube (check w/ parents 1st!), or email it to me. You will be graded on the accuracy of the spoken Spanish, as well.You must turn in a copy of the Spanish script.

A Board Game Create a board game based on a topic we have covered in level I. The game must include directions (can be written in English) and all materials needed to play the game: board, dice, game pieces, cards, etc. It must be done neatly and colorfully. The majority of the game must be in Spanish. This may be a group project (no more than 3 participants).