Extra Credit: Spanish III H

Extra Credit: Spanish III H

  • You may submit two extra-credit assignments each 9 weeks.
  • Assignments must be submitted on or before each due date. No exceptions.
  • Plagiarism: All projects should be your own work. You may not use internet translators or copy a story already written in Spanish or in English. A native speaker should not correct your grammar. Such a project will result in no credit whatsoever.

I. Proyecto: un video original

Create an educational video that pertains to any vocabulary or grammar theme that we have learned in levels I, II or III. At least half of the video needs to be in Spanish. Videos need to be at least 2 full minutes in length; you may include bloopers, but they should last no longer than 15 seconds and contain no inappropriate material. Bloopers do not count toward the length of the video. You may copy the video to a DVD/flash drive, put it on YouTube (check w/ parents first!), or email it to me. You will be graded on the accuracy of the spoken Spanish, as well. You must turn in a copy of the Spanish script.

II. Proyecto: una canción original

Create an educational song that pertains to any vocabulary or grammar theme that we have learned in levels I, II or III. Make sure it's catchy so that the main element you are trying to convey will be enforced and easily memorized. The lyrics to your song must be original; however, you may use the music to a popular song. Your music may be recorded or played live when recording. You may record your song by video or audio only. You must turn in a copy of the song lyrics.

III. Proyecto: un juego tablero

Create a board game based on a topic we have covered in levels I, II or III. The game must include directions (can be written in English) and all materials needed to play the game: board, dice, game pieces, cards, etc. It must be done neatly and colorfully. The majority of the game must be in Spanish. This may be a group project (no more than 3 participants).

IV. Proyecto: un baile indigena

Learn a dance native to a Hispanic culture and perform it in front of the class (either in person or taped). You may enlist others to help you/dance with you. You must also research the history and origin of the dance and produce a written brief report in Spanish. NO MACARENA!

V. Proyecto: un mito

You will create a myth of your own imagination explaining a natural event or phenomena of nature (how the sun came to be; how fire was created; how the monkey got its tail, etc.). It should not be an existing myth but rather one of your creation. This is different from a fairy tale. Of course, this will be written/typed in Spanish. You must include what it was like before the event occurred, how it occurred and what the final result was (ie: And that is how the monkey got it's tail.") This should be 1-2 pages. If typing, double space. If writing, use college-ruled paper and leave a space between lines. You will need at least one illustration. You may draw your illustration or use clip art of some form.

VI. Proyecto: el arte

You will:

  • Choose a Hispanic artist
  • Research his/her life and artistic style
  • Create an original work of art, using the artistic style of the artist you chose or create a replica (your medium should be similar to the artist you chose)
  • Write a two-three page research paper about your artist and his/her style
    • include cover page with title and your name
    • double-space, if typing
    • include biographical information
    • include sources
    • include at least 5 photos

Person's early life:

  • when born
  • where born
  • parent's names and occupations
  • brothers and sisters, if any

Person's childhood and/or early years:

  • education
  • jobs
  • major events

Personal life of person chosen:

  • love life
  • marriage
  • children

Answer questions:

  • What makes him/her famous?
  • What obstacles, if any, did they face?
  • Why is this personal significant?
  • Is the world a better place because of their contributions?