Course Overview

Virtual Learning in Mrs. Griffin's class will take place in CANVAS.  Students can access Mrs. Griffin's CANVAS page from their  IAM account.  Announcements and assignments will be posted each day, for each class.

Housing Interior Design I
- Is a foundation course for high school students in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. This course focuses on a foundation study of the housing and Interior industry. The activities allow students to apply instructional strategies and workplace readiness skills to an authentic experience. Students will interpret individual and family housing needs. They will evaluate legal aspects of housing. Students will learn design fundamentals and understand and apply the elements and principles of design and color. Students will also have a knowledge of backgrounds and furnishings, while understanding architectural styles and construction components.

Housing II- Takes Housing and Interior Design I to the Career Level by showing students Career Pathways they can take by applying the information they have learned while in Interior Design . This course also allows students to participate in "Hands on" projects. These project help students realize their ambitions and creativity in the Interior Design work areas.

Apparel I- gives students an overview of all components of Apparel and Textile production, from the history behind the fashion, to constructing and purchasing. It is not a sewing class as some assume, but involves many elements of sewing and production, but also the history behind the Fashion Industry.