Architecture Project

The Asheville Architecture Odyssey

While completing this project, each student group should be accompanied by at least one parent. In addition, all students will be held accountable for all rules in the NBHS student handbook, even while off campus. If a parent is not available for this, please communicate to Mr. Graham ASAP. so that arrangements can be made.

Part One:

Your mission is to complete a visual AND written project outlining local examples of ancient architectural styles. Using only the city of Asheville and Buncombe County, each student (or group of less than 4 students) must create a visual project, displaying a photograph of each of the following styles of architecture. The project MUST have a theme to it (This IS an Odyssey, so traveling is the idea: think Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, Harry Potter, Star wars, etc) I recommend using a sheet of poster board on which to complete this assignment. The poster board MUST be in the shape of ONE of the architectural styles represented (ex: Greek column, gargoyle, Arabic Arch, etc). Each photograph must be labeled with the following information:

  1. Architectural style represented.
  2. The specific location of the photograph (street address)

AND HERE IS THE CATCH: YOU must appear in each photograph. Yes, you. So, someone else needs to come along with you to take photos, or you need a mean timer! (Important: Be sure not to distract from the architectural style being photographed. Make sure the viewer can see the building/structure well). This is the fun part, be creative and make us giggle J this counts 50% of the project grade.

Part Two:

In addition, each student must write an essay (one page MINIMUM – hand written) addressing the following prompt.

In what ways does architecture reflect our cultural values? And why do we often use ancient architecture to accomplish this?

This essay must be turned in on the same day as the project is due. The essay counts 50% of the project grade.

On the back are the examples (and amounts) of architecture that must be represented in your project, so flip me over:


Egyptian Obelisk (and/or Pyramid) – 1 example

Greek Columns (Ionic, Doric, or Corinthian) – 3 examples

Greek sculpture (must be human, in the Kouros form): 1 example

Roman Arch: 2 examples

Roman dome: 1 example

Arabic Arch (aka Gothic arch): 2 examples

Byzantine Mosaic – 1 example

But if you are a super-overachiever, and just can not wait to do more, you can receive extra credit for adding the following to the project, so go crazy!

2 bonus points for: a statue of a boy walking on stilts

 2 bonus points for: a Gargoyle

2 bonus points for: a Griffin Sculpture named BEN

2 bonus points for: a Mural of the inventor of the synthesizer

2 bonus points for: a giant Iron

AND – For an American flavor:

2 bonus points for:Eating a burrito (A Meso-American gift to the world) at Mamacitas on Biltmore Ave.

2 bonus points for: Eating something from a FOOD TRUCK.