AP World History Syllabus

AP World History Syllabus 2015 -2016

North Buncombe High School Benjamin B. Graham

The goal of this class is multifaceted, but overall we will attempt to develop a more complete understanding of world history by: exploring the ties that bind ALL cultures together, analyzing globalization, encouraging creativity through the study of history, and learning to become independent thinkers.

“Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you.”

Stuff you need to know:

Text: You will be given The Earth and Its Peoples; You will need to

bring this to class everyday (most students leave it at school). Yes, it weighs more than a small mammal.No, you should not write in it. Yes, you should hug it often.In class, we also do work out of: REA: AP World History Crash Course Review Book, The Human Record, and Rethinking Globalization

How does this class work, and what will I need?

Get a Notebook: You will need to acquire a big ol’ three ring binder. I talkmore than you can imagine, and you are going to have to take a lot ofnotes, and read many documents - so bring a lot of paper (and grab some highlighters and colored pencils while you are at it!)

Weekly Essays: Each student must complete one full essay each week. Each essay will fall into one of the following three categories: Comparative essay, Change and Continuity over time essay, or Document Based Question. The essay is (typically) assigned each Friday, and is due in one week. The basis of this course is analytical essay writing.

Weekly Reading Study Guides || Quizzes: You are required to complete weekly reading assignments (The Earth and Its peoples). They can vary from 20 pages to 60 pages in length, and are accompanied by a study guide. You will turn in the completed study guide with your weekly quiz on the reading that will (typically) occur on the following Friday.

Go get some Index cards: We will use index cards daily to answer pop quizzes, and to write short essays. Two packs of the large cards should get you started.

Projects:For each Nine Week grading period (unit), each student must complete a research project. You will have approximately 6 weeks to complete it. You will (typically) NOT be provided class time to work on it.

Pay to Play: This agreement will remain an underlying theme of our time together. We will play hard in this class, but we will work harder.We will create experiences that will enable all of us opportunities to grow and learn. We must live into a new way of thinking.

Individual Unit Plans available upon request