NBMS Auditions for Adv. Chorus

Thank you to everyone who auditioned at NBMS! I really appreciate your preparation and your interest in NBHS chorus. Thanks Mrs. Slater for helping organize and facilitate the auditions.

I have selected 7 students to enroll in Advanced Chorus. They are as follows:

Stephanie Dillingham
Alexis Embler
Myriam Le Gall
Elijah Ledford
Taylor Mayrand
Madison Moran
Dawn Penland

**Several of you are already signed up for Mixed Chorus. It is possible for you to take Mixed and Advanced in the same year. (Patrick Knox did just that!) So, please email me and let me know if you want both semesters or just Advanced Chorus in the spring.

For the remaining students: PLEASE DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!!! I only had 5-7 slots for Advanced Chorus; however, I desperately need you in either Mixed Chorus or Women's Chorus! Many students start here and then move into Adv. Chorus their Sophomore year. I am listing below your names and the class in which you are currently enrolled. Please email me or let Mrs. Slater know that this is the class you want. Thank you so much for being in the chorus program at NBHS!

Maeilaine Billings - Mixed
Candice Bradley - Mixed
Jordan Lankford - Mixed
Oleisa Maya - Women's
Gabriela Molina-Avalos - Mixed
Alyssa Opheim - Mixed
Alexandria Patton - Mixed
Madison Ponder - Mixed
Elise Proulx - Women's
Kayley Ramsey - Women's
Jade Wilson - Mixed