AP Language and Composition

Note to parents and students:  AP Language is a challenging and demanding course, but the rewards are exponential.  First, students receive college English credit if they "pass" the AP test (check with college of your choice to see what a "passing" score is).  Second, our dual enrollment program with AB Tech gives students an opportunity to receive credit as well. (Proficiency for AB Tech course credit will be determined at the end of each semester by a panel of AB Tech English teachers scoring written work.) Finally, and most importantly, there is no better preparation for success in college.   Students in AP Language will become better readers and writers of non-fiction, preparing them for the challenging work ahead of them. This the BEST reason to take AP Language.  

Precourse Reading and Writing Assignments 2017-18

Precourse reading for AP Language -- ap precourse 2017-2018

Never Cry Wolf,  Farley Mowat

Six articles for comparison and analysis on current topics

Writing Schedule for the semester - keep up with dates!!

Calendars for thematic units will be given out in class and linked to this website.  They will cover 4-6 weeks of reading and writing assignments and will be posted as we get to them.  

Reading Assignments in AP Language -- keep up with dates!

The following resources are used in AP Language from year to year. Copies will also be handed out in class.

Reading about Reading Ch. 1-2

General/Argumentative Essay

General Essay notes

peer editing general essay

format for general essay

Synthesis Essay Resources

synthesis essay formula

notes on synthesis essay


peer editing

making outline for exam

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Resources

RA graphic organizer

RA notes

On-going assignments for AP Language



transition words

parts of speech

Rhetorical Terms

comma rules

close reading strategies

essay scoring rubric

embedding quotes