Course Overview

Courses: Health Science Education consists of 4 courses:

Health Science I (HSI) : Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology of each body system; this is the foundations course for HSE

Health Science II (HSII): Health Care facility organizational structure and governing organizations; students earn the Provider CPR certification during this course; this is a completer course for HSE

Biomedical Technology (BMT) : explores career opportunities in research and development, identifies disease processes, vaccines, treatment modalities. This is a completer course for HSE.

NAS: Nursing Theory and skills training ; students may take the CNA certification examination upon completion of this course. It is available for seniors, and will be taught by an A-B Tech instructor. 

These curricula are taught using a combination of  Canvas, in class lecture, and in class labs (hands-on learning).

You can support your student by monitoring their progress in Powerschool, talking with your student about what we are doing in class, assisting them with their homework, and by discouraging absences and tardiness.