Blanks, Laurin - English


Welcome back to in person learning! I'm sincerely delighted you guys will be joining me in the classroom this year. 

A little about me: I'm a graduate of Emory University and Appalachian State University, I've been a high school English teacher for 21 years. I'm a lit nerd, a gamer, and a nature fan. Please email me with any questions or concerns about your student. My email is [email protected] 

We use Google Classroom as our online classroom. Many of our assignments are located there. In addition we use our online textbook StudySync and online grammar platform NoRedInk. 

There are some great ways you can support your student's education. First, provide him, her, or them a quiet place free from distractions in which to do homework. Also, encourage your student to read. Kids who read have an easier time in school, getting into college, and finding employment.