Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule
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Regular Schedule
 7:55-8:00 Travel   LUNCH
    1st 11:15-11:45
   2nd 11:50-12:20
   3rd 12:24-12:55
   4th 12:55-1:15

 8:00-9:30  1st BLOCK
 9:30-9:40  Travel/Breakfast
 9:40-11:10  2nd BLOCK
 11:10-11:15  Travel
 11:15-1:25  3rd BLOCK
 1:25-1:30  Travel
 1:30-3:00  4th BLOCK

 Lunch Assignment
  1st lunch  CTE, OCS, Science, ISS, ELL
  2nd lunch  Math, Social Studies, EC
  3rd lunch  English, Foreign Language, Distance Learning
  4th lunch  Band, Chorus, Art, Drama, NNDCC, PE
    *Department assignments contingent on master schedule