Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule
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Regular Schedule
 7:55-8:00 Travel   LUNCH
    1st 11:15-11:40
   2nd 11:50-12:15
   3rd 12:25-12:50
   4th 1:00-1:25

 8:00-9:30  1st BLOCK
 9:30-9:40  Travel/Breakfast
 9:40-11:10  2nd BLOCK
 11:10-11:15  Travel
 11:15-1:25  3rd BLOCK
 1:25-1:30  Travel
 1:30-3:00  4th BLOCK

 Lunch Assignment
  1st lunch  CTE, OCS, Science
  2nd lunch  World Languages, Math, EC
  3rd lunch  Social Studies, Distance Learning, ROTC
  4th lunch  PE, Arts, Band, English
    *Department assignments contingent on master schedule