Awards and Character Programs


Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Programs are a way to impact the learning environments in schools in order to support high student performance and to reduce behavioral problems. Whole School Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a systematic approach that establishes and reinforces clear behavioral expectations for academic and social success.


What does PBIS mean at North Buncombe High School?


Students are expected to have PRIDE!

All Black Hawks will promote responsible behavior and strive for excellence through determination and integrity in our daily school environment.

We utilize the word PRIDE to represent our behavior expectations for students…


P= Promote

R= Responsibility

I= Integrity

D= Determination

E= Excellence  


Students are encouraged to show Black Hawk PRIDE in the following locations: classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, bus, and in our community.

Black Hawk PRIDE acknowledgement system:

Students who show PRIDE (by demonstrating academic excellence, responsible school attendance, and the integrity of meeting behavior expectations) will be acknowledged for their achievements through:

·         Gold Cards & Black Hawk Bucks- raffle and prize drawings

·         Nominations for student of the month

·         Special programs or social events

·         Privilege parking

·         Free admission to select events

·         Spirit Wear

Other incentives to be identified by student Hawk Quest groups…


How can parents get involved?


Encourage your student to adhere to school expectations at all times. Recognize your student’s successes in all areas; academic, attendance and behavior. Provide your input about the PBIS program to school administration and always be a role-model to your student by following these behavior expectations while at NBHS and school events.  Get involved! Join a committee! Volunteer your time!


One important key to building character and achieving success in school is regular attendance.  The ATTEND-TO-WIN PROGRAM recognizes students who successfully complete 20 consecutive days of perfect attendance.  On designated days throughout the year, students are given a ticket releasing them from class 15 minutes early.  The ticket is then entered into a drawing for prizes.



A and A/B Honor Roll students will be recognized each grading period.


Every student at North Buncombe High School is expected to Achieve Excellence. In order to accomplish this, Hawk Quest Lunch will be held each day to provide ONE HOUR of structured time for students to use responsibly. During this hour, students will eat lunch, socialize, exercise, make up missed or incomplete assignments and get additional support where they need it. Teachers will be available to clarify and facilitate in-depth discussion of current concepts. Students performing at a grade below will be assigned (required) to attend support sessions for 30 minutes during Hawk Quest Lunch, but will still have approximately 30 minutes for lunch. Teachers will have the discretion to assign enrichment sessions to students not performing up to expectations or who are missing required assignments. Students will be required to attend assigned support sessions until the teacher is able to confirm the grade has improved. Failure to attend assigned/required sessions will result in a student serving detention during Hawk Quest Lunch the following day. Repeated instances of skipping assigned support sessions will result in a referral which will be addressed according to established school discipline policy. The administration reserves the right to work with the faculty in modifying any of the consequences and/or steps for disciplinary action. Students who are "Achieving Excellence" will have the option to choose from a variety of activities that will be provided during Hawk Quest Lunch or make responsible choices for spending the time they will be given.