Discipline Plan

All possible inappropriate behaviors cannot be listed in this handbook.  The following are examples of inappropriate conduct.  

Please Note:  Actions not specifically mentioned here will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 

LEVEL I OFFENSES  - School Wide Behavior  

 Being in an undesignated “closed” area

● Being in the hall without a hall pass

 Failure to follow requests (including giving correct name) made by faculty, staff, or administration

● Public display of affection

 Inappropriate use of language or gestures

● Littering in school building or on grounds

 General violation of cafeteria policies

 Excessive horseplay

 Unauthorized use of elevator

 Violation of school dress code

 Loitering in restrooms, or more than one person in a restroom stall

● Computers – School computers are for school use only.  Gaming, downloading programs, inappropriate messages, accessing inappropriate sites, and password theft are just a few of the restrictions outlined in your computer use agreement. Violation of computer rules will result in loss of computer privileges and administrative discipline. 

● Hallways during Lunch – All students are to remain in the cafeteria during lunchtime. 

● Lockers All lockers are considered school property, and are subject to a search by school officials.  Personal belongings are to be left at home.  The school is not responsible for any item stolen from a locker. 

● Parking Lots

   1. Students are not allowed to sit in cars before, during, or after school. Students are required to vacate their vehicles immediately upon parking them in any parking lot.

   2. NBHS is a CLOSED CAMPUS.  Once on campus, students may not leave without permission from the office. 

   3. Parking lots are “OFF LIMITS” to students from 7:55 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Students are not to be in the parking lot without a pass from the office. 

   4.  Failure to comply with parking rules will result in the loss of parking privileges and/or Administrative Discipline Referral.

● Teacher Assigned Detention - Students will be given one day's advance notice to make arrangements to stay for detention.  Failure to serve detention will result in an Administrative Discipline Referral. 


     See Steps I, II, or III of the Administrative Assertive Discipline Plan

LEVEL II OFFENSES – Extreme and Malicious Acts

● Extreme act of disrespect or the willful disobedience of any staff or program official

● Extreme act of disrespect toward any student

● Severe disruption of class and/or school programs

● Use and/or possession of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes

● Forgery (including school forms, parent signatures, faculty signatures, impersonating parent or guardian, or giving false information to faculty or administration)

● Unauthorized locking of restroom or other facilities

·   Vandalism of any Buncombe County Schools property 


    See Steps III, IV, or V of the Administrative Assertive Discipline Plan 


Criminal Acts/General Statutes

(Violations can result in charges being filed with law enforcement and/or administrative disciplinary steps.)

● Gross disrespect of faculty, staff, or visitors of any school event (verbal or nonverbal)

● Possession, sale, and/or use of mood or mind altering substances and/or drug paraphernalia, including but not exclusively:  alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and/or over the counter substances

 Physical assault on another student or school official

● Communication of threats

● Gang or Gang related Activities (See Page 10)

● Theft

● Hazing/Harassment (including sexual harassment)

● Possession of weapons, explosives including fireworks and/or smoke bombs

 Arson of a Public Educational Facility

● Activating fire alarm unnecessarily, phoning in bomb threat, or submitting a 911 false alarm 


   See Steps IV or V of the Administrative Assertive Discipline Plan