Code of Student Conduct


North Buncombe High School requires that everyone in our school community be treated with utmost respect.  The administration exists in order to support every student’s right to learn and every teacher’s right to teach.  All students, teachers and administrators are united to uphold and obey the rules and regulations that govern North Buncombe High School, Buncombe County Schools, and our society at large.  An orderly environment will thus be maintained at all times.  The following behaviors are expected from all students:

● Treat others with courtesy and respect

● Cooperate fully with faculty, staff and administration

● Treat personal property of others and school property with respect

● Help create and support a positive and safe school environment

● Come to each class prepared and ready to learn

● Act responsibly and accept the consequences of behavior

Please Note:

 Acts committed by a student that are not specifically mentioned in the student handbook, will be handled individually by the administration and faculty.

● The administration reserves the right to work with the faculty in modifying any of the consequences and/or steps for disciplinary action.