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Athletic Eligibility

Per the NCSHAA, to be eligible to participate in athletics, a student-athlete must pass three courses (in a schedule of four courses per semester) the semester prior to the beginning of that sport.  If a student is only taking 3 courses in a semester, the student must pass all three courses. Student athletes must also be in attendance regularly.  A student becomes ineligible if 13 school days or more is missed, regardless of a medical waiver or excuse.  Student athletes and parents can contact the athletic director or coach for more information. 


BCS Policy Code: 4354 

The use of drugs and alcohol is detrimental to the physical and emotional health and academic performance of student athletes, which for the purpose of this policy includes cheerleaders.  Furthermore, participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege and not a right. Nothing shall prevent a team coach, in consultation with the principal and athletic director, from exercising reasonable discipline in addition to the sanctions contained herein for infractions of established team rules.  Finally, the decision to impose this policy or to levy disciplinary sanctions on students for violation of this policy shall be in the sole discretion of the principal.  This policy is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and applies only to athletes or prospective athletes in grades 9-12. 

  1. First Offense: The principal will suspend the student from the interscholastic athletic contests for 90 school days or six (6) athletic contests, whichever is greater, from the date when the written findings are provided to the principal. In addition, the student must successfully complete the following:

1.     Student meets with the school counselor within the first full week of suspension or upon return to school.

2.     Student undertakes a substance abuse evaluation by a licensed addiction specialist. 

  1. Second Offense:  The principal will suspend the student from all athletic activities for a period of 185 school days from the date when the written findings are provided to the principal. 
  1. Third Offense: The principal will suspend the student from all athletic activities for the remainder of his/her high school career in the Buncombe County Schools.


Criminal Violations of Local, State and Federal Laws 

The Board believes that high school athletes and cheerleaders are representatives of the school system and are often role models for other students, and therefore, have great influence on other students. It is from this rationale and out of concern for students’ wellbeing and safety that the Board implements this policy.

Prior to participating in any sport, a student-athlete or prospective student-athlete MUST disclose any criminal conviction or pending criminal charge that occurred within the past calendar year to the prospective coach. Failure to report may result in reasonable disciplinary consequences as determined by the principal, in consultation with the athletic director and affected coaches.

            Student-athletes are required to report all charges and/or convictions of felonies, Class AI, and/or Class I misdemeanors occurring during the school year to their head coach, athletic director and principal. Failure to notify the appropriate staff will result in immediate removal from athletic activities. Students charged with a felony, Class AI, and/or Class I misdemeanor will be suspended from participation as outlined below. The penalties from this policy will supersede the suspension outlined in the Drugs and Alcohol Policy referenced above.

Any student who is charged with a felony or a Class AI or Class I misdemeanor or is petitioned for an offense that would be a felony or a Class AI or Class I misdemeanor if committed by an adult, will be removed from all current teams and will remain ineligible until such time as the courts render the findings in the case. Pleas of “No Contest” or as part of a deferred prosecution or “Prayer for Judgment Continued” (PJC) will be considered convictions for purposes of these guidelines. 

For complete details, please refer to the Buncombe County School Board Policy 4354 found on the BCS Website, NBHS Website, and websites.



Employers and Universities have long recognized that success comes from well-rounded individuals who have educated not only their mind, but their body and character as well.  Practice these traits this year as you prepare yourself for a successful future.

Caring – treating others with kindness and compassion

Citizenship – showing respect, pride and allegiance for our country

Courage – having the strength to practice positive character traits

Fairness – treating others in a consistent, impartial way (not playing favorites)

Honesty – being truthful with yourself and others

Respect – showing consideration for self, others, property, the environment, and the country

Responsibility – being accountable for one's actions

Self-Discipline – having the ability to control oneself, for the sake of improvement