The cross section of the ear of corn provides the foundation of the emblem, just as corn has historically served as the foundation crop of American agriculture. It is also a symbol of unity, as corn is grown in every state of the nation 

The plow signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our countries strength 

The owl
, long recognized for its wisdom, symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of agriculture 

The rising sun
 signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing with opportunity 

The eagle
 is a national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture 

The words "Agricultural Education" and "FFA"
 are emblazoned in the center to signify the combination of learning and leadership necessary for progressive agriculture 

Why Blue and Gold?

The National FFA Organization choseNATIONAL BLUE and CORN GOLD as its official colors in 1929. As the blue field of our nation's flag and the golden fields of ripened corn unify our country, the FFA colors give unity to the organization 

The Offices and their Duties

President: Stationed by The Rising Sun. "The rising sun is a token of a new era in agriculture. If we follow the leadership of our president, we shall be led out of the darkness of selfishness and into the glorious sunlight of brotherhood and cooperation." 

Vice President: Stationed by The Plow. "The plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil. Without labor, neither knowledge or wisdom can accomplish much. My duties require me to assist at all times in the directing the work of our organization. I preside over meetings in the absence of our president.." 

Advisor: Stationed by The Owl. "The owl is a time-honored emblem of knowledge and wisdom. Being older than the rest of you I am asked to advise you from time to time as the need arises. I hope that my advice will always be based on true knowledge and ripened with wisdom." 

Stationed by The Door. "Through this door pass many friends of the FFA. It is my duty to see that the door is open to our friends at all times and that they are welcome. I care for the meeting room and paraphernalia. I strive to keep the room comfortable, and assist the president in maintaining order." 

Reporter: Stationed by The Flag. "As the flag covers The United States, so I strive to inform the people in order that every man, woman and child may know that the FFA is a national organization reaching from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico and from the State of Maine to Hawaii." 

Treasurer: Stationed at The Emblem of Washington. "I keep a record of reciepts and disbursements just as Washington kept his farm accounts-carefully and accurately. I encourage thrift among members and strive to build up our financial standing through savings and investments. George Washington was better able to serve his country because he was financially independant." 

Secretary: Stationed by The Ear Of Corn. "I keep an accurate record of all meetings and correspond with other secretaries wherever corn is grown and FFA members meet."