Chamber Choir audition results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. I sincerely appreciate the effort you all put into preparation.

Returning Members

Alex Benevides

Savannah Blackwell

Meghan DeNeef

Bayleigh Hardin

Haley Herrick

Mimi LeGall

Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen through this competitive audition process:

Cameron Banks

Ian Boyer

Moriah Bullman

Sutton Brady

Stephanie Dillingham

Eli Erdmann

Alexis Embler

Steven Fann

Emily Farthing

Patrick Knox

Hayli Fisher

Elijah Ledford

Bailey Lail

Coleman Smart

Alli Melrose

Leah Metcalf

Madison Moran

Keeley Peek

Mollie Sullivan

Call Backs: The following students are asked for a call back to further explore their skill for this class. Please see me during class tomorrow, May 20th.

Tammy Lunsford

Caleb Burchett