Nursing Fundamentals 1.03

Obj. 1.03- Understand resident’s rights, advocacy and grievance procedures

Day 4

  1. Warm up- Quiz 1.02
  2. Go to NBHS website. Go to staff- find my name and click on it. This takes you to my homepage. Find Nursing Fundamentals on the list on the left. Click on that. Find 1.03- click on that. Look for 1.03 Powerpoint- slides 1-23- Fill out Residents Bill of Rights Worksheet, Terminology Worksheet as we cover material. Read Restraint Reduction- A success story.


Day 5   Part 1

  1. Warm up- Restraints
  2. Powerpoint Slides 23-52- Behaviors That Uphold Resident’s Rights WS.

      Part 2

  1. Powerpoint- click on that and go to slide 53. Answer the question – Why are restraint alternatives necessary? Write down the 13 restraint alternatives on the worksheet. Stop at slide 68.
  2. Go to Look in Fall Management. List 6 restraint alternatives.
  3. Go to list the self releasing devices that are available.
  4. Processing- computer lab- go to and read -Chair bed and toilet alarms/ fall detection. Go to and list the self releasing devices that are available.

Day 6

  1. Warm up
  2. Powerpoint slides- 69-96- Restraints Worksheet
  3. Processing- Skills 1.03A- 1.03B, 3.01A, 3.01B- demonstration, practice, check off.

Day 7

  1. Warm up
  2. Powerpoint slides- 97-110- Resident Advocate Worksheet
  3. Processing- review
  4. Exam 1.0
  5. Finish checking off skills

 Look at the following powerpoint and answer the questions on the worksheets.

1.03 Powerpoint 
Restraint Reduction- A Success Story- 
Worksheet  Slides 1-23
Work sheet Slides 23-68 pt.1
Worksheet Slides 23-68 Pt. 2 
Worksheet  Slides 69-96 
Worksheet Slides 97-110