How To Study For A Test checklist

CHECK OFF THE STRATEGIES THAT YOU USE: (Consider using as many as possible )


Practice everyday (even when no written assignment is given).


Keep up with the homework, which always includes studying vocabulary.


Study each night what was covered in class that day.


Review and study mistakes on homework, quizzes and tests.


Make, keep, and use flash cards for every word that I don't know.


Bring book, notebook, workbooks and pen/pencil to class everyday.


Keep a positive attitude.


Set goals.


Use and study new vocabulary as soon as I receive it.


When work in class is completed, quiz yourself on the info learned.


Guess the meaning of new words before looking them up in the dictionary.


Look up words in the dictionary when I don’t know them.

Write down all new words in my notebook.  

Repeat what the teacher says.

Practice with my flash cards during free time.  

Study with a parent or friend.


Practice speaking and reading aloud by myself.


Reread all material in the chapter before the test.

Go to for extra practice.  

Don’t miss class.


Ask for help when you need it.


Don't wait until the night before the test to study!