4.01-4.02 Urinary System


4.01-4.02- Structures, Function and Disorders of the Urinary System

Use textbook pages 531-548

Day One


  1. Warm up- Urinary System Vocabulary- look up terms in textbook and internet- 4.01-4.02 Urinary System Vocabulary
  2. Using Thinking Map and ppt. 4.01 Urinary Structures PPT complete notes on the structures of urinary system, kidneys (kidneys, medulla, cortex, nephron, renal pelvis), ureters, urinary bladder and urethera.
  3. Processing- Labeling Activities 2 and 3,  Quiz 1 - use text and notes

Day Two


  1. Warm up- Structures review questions
  2. View PPT and complete notes on the functions of the urinary system- 4.02 Urinary Functions and Disorders PPT
  3. Processing- Worksheet 1, Quiz 2, Kidney Dissection, Urinary System Study Guide

Day Three

  1. Warm up Functions Review Questions
  2. View Power point for review, Kidney Dissection
  3. Processing- Urinary System Disorders Worksheet- use text, Read Kidney Transplant article-Kidney Transplant Article

Day Four


1.    Warm up- Medical Decisions Worksheet

2.    Using handout, take notes on the Urinary System Disorders- View above PPT

3.    Processing- Disorders

Day 5

  1. Review for exam
  2. Exam
  3. 4.03-4.04 Endocrine System Vocabulary- use textbook.