United States History: Course Description

United States History

The goal of this course is to develop an understanding of yourself, and your community - and how each reflects and shapes the culture of the United States. We must each come to this class with an open mind, and a compassionate heart.

The Fine print:

Here is what you are going to need to remain sane throughout this semester:

The Notebook: This should be a three ring binder, with enough room to fit the Panama Canal (which we are going to discuss, coincidentally). I am serious. I talk A LOT. So….you will need to write down A LOT!

Textbook: Yeah - it is really big, weighs more than a baby elephant, and you will need to bring it to class…every day. AND - you will need to take it home often. I am sorry.

State Exam : There is one. You are required to take it. It counts for a lot. I am sorry about this too.

More Fine print:

Tests: They usually happen about once every week or every two weeks. They count twice, whereas everything else (except projects) counts once.

Quizzes: These are SPECIFICALLY from the readings in your textbook, and happen every Friday. You will have assigned readings for the week (on the board), and the quiz will cover it - they are usually 5 - 10 questions.

Homework: Well, first you will need to do the reading. Then, you will need to study for tests. Then, you will need to complete projects. Then, you will need to finish the stuff you did not finish in class. Then…well, you get the point.

Enthusiasm Contract: This class is designed to engage you. I, your teacher, am here to serve you and we will learn from each other. We will be attempting to create a learning environment that will be respectful, active, fun, and cooperative. It will take immense effort from each one of us to accomplish this. Please bring with you your enthusiasm and positive attitude every day. I can not do this without you. If you are prepared to try, to the best of your ability, to accomplish this positive learning environment, please sign your name here:

X _______________________________________

A Week By Week Schedule

Washington - Jackson (Ch. 6-7) 7 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 1 – 2)

Reforms and Manifest Destiny ( Ch. 8-9) 5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 2.03 – 2.06)

Projects: Visual Discovery - Manifest Destiny (act it out) , Expansion Floor Map + Travel Brochures

Civil War and Reconstruction (Ch 10, 11, 12)9 days - (NCSCS Competency Goal 3) Projects: Human Statues Perspective Pieces - Robert E. lee & Abraham Lincoln, Music Study – Stephen Foster

The West, Populism, and Industry (Ch. 13-14) 5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 4 – 5.1) Projects: Children’s Book: Western Expansion! Triangle Factory Exercise Wizard of Oz Metaphorical Study, Music Study – Scott Joplin

The Gilded Age, Jim Crow, and Turn of the Century (Ch. 15-16)5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 5.02 – 5.04, 7.03- 7.04) Projects: Newscasts - on scene reports from the front of Jim Crow!, Music Study “Strange Fruit”, Wilmington Race Riot Images

Progressives, Teddy Roosevelt, and Imperialism (Ch. 17-18)5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 6 – 7.01 – 7.02) Projects: Building Blocks of Colonialism, Social Darwinism, White Man’s Burden, Political Cartoon Images

WWI and the Roaring Twenties (Ch. 19-20) ,5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 8-9) Projects: Propaganda Posters – WWI, Exp Exercise - trenches CTF (in the woods) write a letter home, Music Study “Charleston”

Depression and New Deal ( Ch. 21, 22, 23) , 8 days - (NCSCS Competency Goal 9) Projects: Depression Collage, Music of the Great Depression - “This Land is Your Land” & “Do Re Mi” , WPA Visual Discovery - breadline

World War II (Ch. 24 - 25) 5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 1 0) Projects: Asheville on the Home Front (GPI, Montreat, Biltmore), Propaganda Posters WWII, Dr. Seuss Cartoons

Cold War and 1950’s America (Ch. 26-27) , 5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 10.04 – 10.05, 11.01) Projects: COLD WAR CANDYLAND - Board Game, Dot Game – McCarthyism, Paper Rock Scissors = Communism

 JFK and Civil Rights (Ch. 28-29), 6 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 11.02 – 11.03) Projects: Passive Resistance Exercise, Collage, Greensboro Study, Music Study “Only a Pawn in Their Game

Vietnam and Social Change ( Ch. 30-31) 5 days - (NCSCS Competency Goal 11.04 – 11.06) Projects: Response Group - Counter culture, Music Study – “Masters of War,

Nixon, Carter, Reagan - Present (Ch. 32, 33, 34) 5 days (NCSCS Competency Goal 1 2) Projects:”The Marines Have Landed, Three Mile Island, Music Study “Ohio”

Catch up and Review = Exam