Biology Links

For up to date, unit-relevant Biology links and videos, please go to your class' Canvas page (see Mrs. Sprouse if you are unsure how to access it)

Biology Curriculum

This is the state's curriculum document.  The final exam covers this material.

Biology flash cards

pre-prepared flashcards for Biology...use them to quiz yourself, play games with, and review for the EOC

More EOC practice

If you can only look at one review site...this is it!  Look at this teacher's review powerpoints (we're using them in class) and his review vocabulary games/flashcards.

Protein Synthesis simulation

good review and allows you to manipulate some parts

video about protein synthesis

Protein Synthesis game

Practice protein synthesis!  What more could you want??

Biology Curriculum

This document gives you the entire biology curriculum from the NC Department of Public Instruction

Cell organelles...

Two links to help you review cells and their organelles.  The first link is the quiz (will grade it for you) .  The second link is an interactive

Cells Alive!

This web-site has wonderful descriptions and pictures of different types of cells and their organelles.


Crash Course Biology #4 "Eukaryopolis" The city of animal cells

Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes

Great explanation and visuals

Plant Cell vs Animal Cell

Great resource for cells!

Crash Course Biology #3 "You are What You Eat"

A great review of macromolecules.  Fill out the worksheet given to you in class for an extra lab grade!