Earth Science links

For up to date, relevant class  links and videos, please go to your class' Canvas page (see Mrs. Sprouse if you are unsure how to access it)

Environmental Issues Webquest links

Global WArming and the Greenhouse Effect

global warming introduction

Biodiversity and Deforestation

biodiversity and deforestation


Ozone Depletion

ozone depletion

Acid Rain

acid rain

Exotic (Invasive) Species

more invasive species (NC)



Quizlet Exam review

Use these as flash cards, let it create a test for you, or play games with the words...excellent review

Exam Review Games

On the following site you can choose to review flash cards or play games:

Curriculum (what will be on Exam)

The following is a link to the state mandated curriculum for Earth and Environmental Science.  The final exam questions, designed by the state, will be from information covered in this document.

North Carolina Endangered and Threatened Species

Lists endangered and threatened species in NC and gives links to resources about each.

What is your ecological footprint?

Use the link below to calculate how many Earth's it would take to support your lifestyle.  Click the link and then click "take the quiz".  You do NOT have to log in or create an account to take the quiz

National Geographic "Forces of Nature"

Make a volcano and an earthquake...see how destructive you can make them

Landform detectives

Click "play landform detectives"- you do NOT have to login to play the game

Before you are finished- show me your achievements page

Dynamic Earth

 Excellent links to information on Plate Tectonics

3rd and 4th period Quizlet study set

Use this link to get to my hydrosphere study set...use the flash cards to quiz yourself, let it make tests for you, or play games with the words

Geologic Time

Overview of different eras of geologic time


Climate Change links

Several good websites for help on your climate change project

NASA climate change info

Lots of climate change information in one place.  Check out the "evidence" tab and the "Climate Time Machine"

NPR "Carbon" video series

Video series about Carbon and its role in global warming.

Water...Earth Science System Analysis...Honors Earth

Wetland ESSA
Three Gorges Dam ESSA
Salt water Intrusion 
Dust Bowl