Counseling Program Mission Statement

Department Goals

The Counseling Department is composed of three certified Counselors, one Career Development Coordinator and one Counseling Department Secretary. Our support personnel includes one Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and a visiting nurse. Other support personnel and referral agency personnel are utilized through consultation and referral.

The major goals for our department this year are (1) to organize student services in order to better utilize our expertise by avoiding duplication of services which will increase productive time through time management and (2) to coordinate a developmental plan for each grade level class room guidance to be designed by the grade level counselor and career development coordinator. Other goals include: (3) to increase parent involvement and their participation in their child’s educational, career, and personal planning, ( 4) to increase our visibility with the students, faculty, and parents, (5) to increase the amount of time on developmental and preventative guidance, (6) to delegate non-counseling activities to appropriate support personnel, (7) to help coordinate the Hawk Quest Program, (8) to see each senior for an inpidual conference and senior contract, (9) to speak with each senior/grade level student who is failing one or more classes each grading period, (10) to make available to each senior a senior newsletter each month, and (11) to arrange scheduled time each week for planning and paper work.

With the increase of non-counseling duties placed on school counselors, we shall make every effort to use effective time management techniques. We are the student advocates in the school and the student is our priority.

Our advocacy and counseling is based on and will support the “whole child” concept.


We shall facilitate the development in each child of a positive attitude toward “self” as each is a unique and worthy person.

We shall facilitate student development of life planning skills consistent with needs, interest, and abilities

We shall encourage, facilitate, and support the development of responsible social skills.

We shall facilitate the development, the appreciation, and the understanding of the life processes of learning, growing, and leisure arts.

We shall help students develop and aid them is realizing their full potential in realizing their educational and personal goals.

We shall create a conducive learning/guidance/counseling environment and provide student services to the best of our abilities.

We shall maintain ethical standards as stated in the “Ethical Standards” of NCCDA.

We shall recognize our limitations and make referrals to appropriate agencies.

We shall keep Administration informed on a “need to know” basis re: crisis/abuse/neglect, etc.

We shall share information with our administrators to help keep them informed.

We shall follow Policies and Procedures of the Buncombe County Board of Education.

We shall support and follow school policy.

We support our Administration and commend the job they do.

The counselors have specific areas of responsibilities. Please see organization chart. (Counseling Department Responsibilities)