Zimmerman, Jenny - English

Ms. Jenny Zimmerman                   
Room 507
School Phone 828-645-4221 ext. 507
Google Voice Cell Phone # is posted on Google Classroom


This website has more detailed information for students and parents.  Please check it out!

Fall 2020 Class Schedule:
1st Period - English 2 Honors
2nd Period - English 2 Honors
3rd Period - Broadcast and Yearbook
4th Period - Planning

School Leadership Roles / Honors:
Black Hawk Broadcasting Adviser
Yearbook Adviser
Project LIT Community Book Club Sponsor
National Board Certification & Renewal

How can parents support students in English class?
There are many ways to support your student in this class:

  • Check Power School regularly to see what your child's grades are.  Talk with them if you see anything of concern or email me with questions.
  • Make sure your child attends school every day!  Being present and active in class is important still during remote instruction.  Make sure your child attends daily class on Zoom, and email or call me if there are any problems.
  • Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ!!!  The number one way that students become better readers and writers is for them to read and write.  In my class we read self-selected books every day.  You can support your student's reading achievement by having them read for 15-20 minutes every night.  They need a quiet space where they can read and focus.  Students should not be on their phones while reading.  Email me if you want any more advice or information on self-selected reading. 
  • Email me if you have any concerns!  I am happy to answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to call or email me.