Class of 2020: Seniors

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Are you a College-bound senior? Need information about navigating the College Application process?
We are here to help! Check out these great resources made especially for you by your NBHS Counseling Department. 

Class of 2020 College Planning 2019-20.pdf
NBHS Class of 2020 College Application Checklist .pdf
NBHS Class of 2020 Naviance Instructions.pdf
Residency Determination Form 18-19.pdf

Not sure where to start? Start here to see deadline options for NC College Admissions!


Is College not your path? Interested in graduating and heading straight to work? We have resources for you too! 


Senior Checklist
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The following links will help you find and explore different colleges that you might be interested in:

This site allows you to search for colleges

This site has many statistics on colleges, due dates, and links to websites and virtual tours 

This site will help match you to colleges you might be interested and help you explore these colleges.

This link gives you advice on how to choose a college to attend

College Visitation Days
As a junior you can take two college visitation day, and as a senior you can take two days.  These college visitation days can be waived by the school, but you must fill out a form to get them waived. You can print the form out below or pick up a form in the counseling office. 


The form must be singed by all your teachers before the visitation is made and must also be signed by a college official during your visitation day. Try to schedule any other days you need to visit colleges during the summer or on teacher work days during the school year.

You must turn this form into the counseling office to have your absence excused.



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Your transcript will need to be sent to colleges you are applying to, 
and your final transcript must sent to the college you will be attending.

Transcript requests will be handled through Naviance.
               If you choose to mail your transcripts, you must sign up for this in the counseling office.
               The cost is $3.00 per transcript.

Every graduating senior who will be attending college must sign up for their final transcript to be sent to the college they will be attending. Final transcripts are mailed after graduation, but allow at least two weeks for your college to receive and process your transcript in the mail. Transcripts cannot be faxed or emailed.

Transcripts do not list SAT or ACT scores.  You must contact or  for scores.



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FAFSA stands for The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a form that must be filled out by all students applying for need-based financial aid. Applications can be submitted for the 2019-2020 school year beginning October 1st, 2019. The FAFSA can determine whether you qualify for different forms of aid such as Federal Pell Grants, state aid, or private aid.

For more information about the FAFSA visit

To read about the steps to complete the FAFSA visit

To complete the FAFSA visit

For more information about Pell Grants visit

For a more in depth overview of the different types of aid visit and

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here to access our Scholarship page.

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Here is a great pamphlet to learn more about college entrance exams for universities and community college. It has information about average test scores, costs, and when to take the exams.

SAT- Scholastic Assessment Test

The SAT is a college entrance exam required by many colleges. The test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. It consists of an essay on a prompt and a multiple choice section in reading, math, and writing. SAT scores are reported on a 200-800 scale per section. The composite score for the SAT is found by adding the Math and Reading sub scores. On this scale a perfect score would be a 1600.

You can register and pay for the SAT online at
If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you can also receive a waiver to cover the cost.
See Ms. Graham in the Counseling office for waivers.

SAT Subject Tests (sometimes referred to as SAT II)
For more information visit

ACT- American College Testing Program 


This is another test that many colleges will accept in their admissions process. The test consists of a 3 hour and 35 minute multiple choice section followed by an optional 30 minute essay portion. Before registering for the test, check with the college that you are applying to and see if they require the optional writing portion.  The multiple choice section contains one section each of english, math, reading, and science. Scores are reported on a scale from 1-36. 

To register online visit
If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you can also receive waivers to cover the cost of the ACT.
See Ms. Graham in the Counseling Office for waivers.

 Here is a comparison chart between SAT and ACT scores

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NCAA Requirements

In order to initiate the eligibility process, you need to complete the NCAA Clearinghouse Student Release Form. You need to submit this form at the end of your junior year or the beginning of your senior year.  After you complete the form, you should mail the white form with a check for the fee and then give the yellow and pink copies to your guidance counselor so that your transcript can be sent to the Clearinghouse.  You may apply on-line at