Copyright Guidelines

Copyright Guidelines for Students, from NCWiseOwl

Books, Magazines
- up to 1000 words
- no more than 10% of the book/article

- up to 250 words
- entire poem, if less than 250 words
- maximum of 3 poems by the same poet
- maximum of 5 poems from a collection

Photographs, Pictures, Drawings
- 3 minutes or 10% of the entire video  
- cannot alter video clip
in any way

- maximum of 5 graphics/photos from the same artist
- maximum of 15 images from the same collection
- images cannot be altered/changed/edited

Give credit where credit's due
- 30 seconds or 10% of sheet music 
- 30 seconds or 10% of a recording
- cannot be changed in any major way

- An opening scene of a presentation must indicate that it follows the "fair use" rules of the U.S. Copyright Law.
- Copyright information for all items must be included in a bibliography/Works Cited page.

 Still not sure how much of a copyrighted item you can use?
 Visit the Copyright and Schools website!
District Policy on Copyright Compliance here
Copyright and Fair Use Fundamentals   here

When creating a project, use one of these copyright-friendly resources instead:

blue = primary sources, copyright information
red = pictures in the public domain or open access
green = free, open access music