Senior Page

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The "Senior Page" is JUST THAT- A page for our seniors to receive current information and helpful resources for your future. As a senior, or a senior parent , please email me at if you have a suggestion for the Senior page. 

Are you a College-bound senior? Need information about navigating the College Application process?
We are here to help! Check out these great resources made especially for you by your NBHS Counseling Department. 
College Planning 2018.ppt
NBHS College-Ready Planning Guide 2019.pdf
Residency Determination Form 18-19.pdf

                          Is College not your path? Interested in graduating and heading straight to work? We have resources for you too! 
College Application Deadlines Got You Down? 

This link contains the application deadlines for over 500 colleges that are all members of the Common Application.

 This is a link to all the deadlines to apply to North Carolina Colleges