Welcome to the counseling office

The North Buncombe High School counseling team is committed to providing a comprehensive counseling program to all students, building exemplary skills needed to form a strong foundation for life-long learning.  Our goals are to support the highest levels of student achievement in the areas of academic, career, personal and social development through direct partnership with educators, parents, and community leaders. Our professional advocacy and counseling support the “whole child” concept, challenging all students to become highly responsible, productive members of society.

We want to assist you in making his/her educational and high school experience top notch!

Please call or email with any concerns or questions regarding your student.

Virual School Hours 9am - 1pm
Counseling Office - 828-645-4332
Student Google Classroom Codes: 
Class of 2020: ixb4d7t
Class of 2021:gctbo6i
Class of 2022: srmxhcz
Class of 2023: mxgbomo

Jessica Graham (Counselor to Student with Last Names A-F)

Cyndi Lehosit (Counselor to Student with Last Names G-O)

Betsy Boggs (Counselor to Student with Last Names P-Z)

Kathryn Blount (Student Support Counselor)

Leslie Melikian (Secretary)